The Beginning

Back several years ago, a couple of guys saw a great idea in tubeless bicycle tires, but also saw that the idea needed a little help in being a practical application. So, starting with a simple drill press, and a hacksaw, they designed the first "tubeless tower". Amazingly, the idea worked better than they were hoping. Mounting a tubeless tire went from having to be done outside, or over a plastic mat, to being a job that could be done on any counter top, and without the big mess. And because the wheel is suspended in the center, the tire keeps its uniformity which allowed for better airflow to "pop" the tire on the rim bead. 

Now, after many changes and improvements, we have what we believe is a real answer to the hassle of the tubeless bicycle tire. Along the way, we have also came up with several other ideas that have transformed into some great tools to make the job even easier.  The United States Patent Office must agree with the uniqueness of our product as the "Tubeless Tower " has been issued a patent for its great design. ( U.S. Patent Number 9,004,137.)

Look for the "Tubeless Tower" and the other great tools to be available in the fall of 2015. Feel free to contact us before then if you have any questions, or "Like" us on Facebook to keep up with production and availability of the items you see here.